“Illustrators should only be hired based on the quality of their work, not their identity” A discussion.
A book review of Art Worlds by Howard S. Becker
Sometimes you receive an email that makes your day, and some other times not so much.
Monthly Thread : Has your style ever changed, and if so how ?HEAR YE, HEAR YE ! New month, new thread, and I couldn’t be happier about how last month’s one turned out, and the engagement with this newslett…
A reflection on style, art and self in a capitalist system.
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A look into the choices, compromises and epiphanies that go into making an illustration.
Copyright, money and selling out
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It's not you, It's me.
Monthly Thread : What even IS illustration ? OYEZ, OYEZ, OYEZ ! The days of the one direction newsletters are over and I hereby introduce you to the (Im)Posture’s monthly thread ! Each month (m…
A space to think about and with creativity under capitalism, by an illustrator, for illustrators.