🏭 After a year of AI shaping illustration, can illustration shape AI?

January 2023

Thread : How do you build community as a creative ?Hi everyone (and welcome to new subscribers) ! Thinking about the creative industry as an anthropologist, I’m confronted to the question : how t…

November 2022

From illustrator to PhD student, The (Im)Posture emerges anew

September 2022

🏞️ An analysis of an illustration through another art work.

August 2022

🧚‍♂️ 5 months, 500+ people in our community, and many exciting projects
🗒️ 3 tips on how to stop giving tips.
Dear creative : What are you reading ? 📚 Hello all, Trying something new here. I haven’t used the thread section in a while but as I’m starting my PhD soon, on the topic of illustration…
👀 Welcome to the upside down of the creative industry

July 2022

👀 It seems nobody wants to work for free these days
👀 EXPOSURE. EXPOSURE. EXPOSURE. I say its name three times while looking in the mirror, but it doesn’t disappear. So the next best thing I can do is…

June 2022

Thread : EXPOSUREDear all, I’m working on a long essay on exposure for which I’m investigating what it is, its role in capitalism and what it does to creatives. …
🤖 If you worry your clients might replace you with an AI, change clients.