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I agree with paintlady, and I would like to add that even if it is tempting and the exposure may look as free advertisment especially for a brand with a very big audience, the truth is that for creatives it doesn't work at all. People already assume you work with these clients for free, for some reason, so its better to not validate this assumption. Also maybe it is a bit cliche, but you can't eat exposure. I prefer to get paid even a bit later on, than be paid with "likes", that require extra work to turn into something tangible. ( I hope I made sense)

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I thankfully have not had any wild exposure offers (yet), but I sure try to be wary of them. I was painting a mural a few weeks ago, and someone stopped to chat. He was curious about how I do this for work and said “but how can you charge for your creativity?”. I think he asked this pretty genuinely, and I was happy to explain, but it was just a little example of how much of the world truly has no idea what value making art holds.

Would I ever work for exposure? Probably not, unless there was something written into the contract about explicit, wide-reaching promotion. Even then, I’d rather be paid…

I would probably work for nothing, once in a blue moon, if I have complete creative freedom, and it’s my choice to do so, and not trying to be swayed by the client. Also, can you even call them a client if they don’t pay?

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On the whole I take the view that if the people in charge of the operation, and the designers, photographers, techies et Al are being paid, then so should I.

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It depends of the real value of the exposure.

I mean I use to have one of my illustration (12 x 6 feet!!!) in the entrance of a one-week-event (200 000 visitors) and the truth is this visibility gave me no contract at all (I always ask how my clients find me). So the question is How to be sure the exposure will turn into contracts. You will never be sure...

That beeing said. I do work for free for exposure when I post in social media. And in a way, I'm looking for exposure when I promote mysleft to find new client by email.

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