Monthly Thread : Has your style ever changed, and if so how ?


New month, new thread, and I couldn’t be happier about how last month’s one turned out, and the engagement with this newsletter in general (we’re now 300+), so THANK YOU.

This month, following this week’s letter on style, I have a burning question for you all : Has your style ever changed, and if so how ? Was it a conscious choice, or overtime ? How did it impact your work, how did you feel about it or how was it received ?

I was about to tell you I don’t think mine did, but then I went and looked in my archives…

2018 - one of the first images I made before starting work as an illustrator.

I blame the 5 years prior without drawing once for the clumsiness of my work back then. After studying anthropology for 5 years at that point, I had lost most of the skills I had learned from art school, but I had also forgotten all about style and how to find one, which was I think the best thing ever to start a career in illustration.

2022 - One of the latest images I made for Spectrum News with AD Rebecca Horne.

So how about you ? I’d love to read your stories of style changes or continuity, the reasons behind and the feeling about them !